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Koos Bekker

In the town of Heidelberg, which is located in the Gauteng Province of South Africa, he spent his boyhood working on a farm. The corporation has operations in over one hundred different countries, is traded on the stock exchanges of London and Johannesburg, and has the highest market capitalization of any media company that is not based in either the United States or China. He was born on December 14th, 1952 in the city of Potchefstroom, which is located in South Africa. He will be 67 years old in the year 2021.

He attended Hoer Volkskool Heidelberg, which is located in Heidelberg, South Africa, for his secondary school. After that, he attended Stellenbosch University and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature in 1972 and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Law in 1975. After that, he earned a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Witwatersrand in 1978 and a Master of Business Administration degree from Columbia University in 1984. Koos Bekker is one of the wealthiest persons in Africa due to the fact that he has a net worth of $2.3 billion as of the year 2021.

In addition to this, he is the third wealthiest person in South Africa on the list of the top ten richest persons in the country. The current value of Koos Becker’s wealth is estimated to be 2.3 billion US dollars. “In order for an organization to achieve greatness, there must be both strong governance and outstanding execution. It’s not a matter of choosing between the two.” “Running your own business is a lot like farming in the beginning; you do everything from making a team to operating the photostat machine. As the company expands, it diversifies, but the improvisational skills you learn on a farm are sure to come in handy in the business world.”

“In the world of business, there is nothing that should ever be taken for granted. Your luck might turn around in as little as half an hour. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is in charge of the company and is responsible for making executive decisions in a timely manner while maintaining sufficient power to steer the ship. A non-executive chairman is more of a “background strategic figure,” according to the definition. “The rate of technological advancement is continuing to quicken. The process of innovation is ongoing. “At the present time, the area of our online company that is expanding at the quickest rate is e-commerce, and we anticipate that this trend will continue for the foreseeable future.”

“Over the course of the last several years, Naspers has made a significant investment in e-commerce, most of which is still in the process of maturing to its maximum potential.” In 1970, a young student from South Africa’s education system triumphed against a veteran figure from the country’s entertainment sector. Jacobus Petrus Bekker’s latter fame makes it seem as if he exploited an older medium to outmaneuver a more modern one, which is an odd turn of events. The fight for eyes was fought at Heidelberg, which is located about fifty kilometers southeast of Johannesburg. In Heidelberg, Bekker, who was known to everyone as Koos, was the finest speaker at his school and chair of the debating club.


Koos Bekker pic

Bekker wrote in the 1970 yearbook that his committee tried to revitalize public discourse at the Hoer OldSkool by livening up their events by making discussions more topical, pushing a few of the “shy guys” to pitch in, and limiting musical interludes to only the best. This was done in an effort to limit the number of “silent periods” that occurred during events. As a consequence, the discussions were well-attended, audience members were ready to engage, and the crowd was excited. Bekker claimed that “even the appeal of going out to the drive-in theatre during arguing nights seemed to be dying a natural death.” This is something that Bekker had seen.

A classic example of the adage “debate kills the movie star”? Almost certainly not. When it comes to the entertainment value, the knife battle sequence from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, which was released in the same year, simply cannot be topped, and definitely not by the remarks of a few adolescents. It’s more probable that the young guy just figured out early on how to present the outcomes of an annual report to stakeholders in the most favorable light possible. And he was not incorrect about the impending demise of the drive-in theatre… in the decades that followed, cinematic magic would find a new parking space.

The name “Koos,” when translated, most accurately conveys the meaning “Jack.” Bekker was a bit of a jack of all trades when he was still in school. He was a member of the first cricket team, and first tennis team, and even led the second rugby squad to win in the league they competed in the same year. All three of these accomplishments came in the same year. In addition to this, he had a high level of intelligence, since he was the top student in the class and received honors in the subjects of English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, and Physical Science. It is true that Edwin Cameron, who would later become a judge on the Constitutional Court, had a grade point average of seven A’s during that academic year. On the other hand, there were less than one hundred students in the whole province of Transvaal, which was at the time the most populated province in South Africa, who achieved four distinctions or more on those final examinations.

Naturally, he held the position of the head boy as well. And it is time for the top prefects to bid their goodbyes. Becker’s concluding words were, “And whatever any of us may do, it will not just be a personal accomplishment, but an achievement in which the Heidelberg OldSkool also had a share,” and they encapsulate the sentiment of Becker’s final statement. In this particular instance, it turned out to be a stake that was worth a respectable amount fifty years later. In the footnote that can be found below the chair’s salary for 2020 in the annual report for Naspers, the following can be found in the small print: “Koos Bekker opted to contribute the rand equivalent of his director’s fees, which was R2.1 million (pre-tax), to education.” The Hoer OldSkol in Heidelberg was selected as the winner for this year.

Who among us can afford to turn down a salary check for 2,1 million rands? Who is this person? A dollar millionaire, to be specific. Bekker said in front of a group of newly minted business executives in the Netherlands in 2014, “I’m not persuaded that big money is truly associated with happiness.” When you earn your first few million euros, your life is going to be completely different as a result. It offers you the freedom to do things like see your parents whenever you want, dine at any restaurant in the globe, go on vacation anywhere you choose, and so on. He, on the other hand, made advantage of his independence to develop a profession for himself that eventually earned him even greater financial benefits. Therefore, the first million is quite crucial, but after that, the return on investment begins to decrease. Nothing significant occurs between the amounts of 10 million and 100 million euros. Between those two numbers, we shouldn’t expect to see any significant change, should we? he stated.

It was a sassy speech that needed to be delivered in front of a room full of MBAs. The placards in the room were either in dollars, euros, or renminbi, which caused the majority of the attendees’ eyes to glaze over. He continued by saying, “After a certain threshold, money is fairly meaningless, and it is not at all something that is worth committing your life to.” Rich lists are usually subject to some degree of guesswork since it is always difficult to precisely measure the means of those who are actually affluent. Forbes magazine placed Becker on the 1008th spot on their list of the world’s wealthiest people based on their estimate that his fortune was $2.8 billion in January 2022.

Even if you disregard his huge real estate holdings and the piles of cash he amassed over the years from the selling of shares of stock, it is still a significant amount of money. If you simply consider his publicly traded shares in Naspers, which is located in Cape Town, and Proses, which is listed in Amsterdam, you will reach R16 billion (more than $1 billion) in early 2022, using the most cautious projections possible. Forbes cites his “media, investments, and self-made” status as the sources of his riches. Therefore, something took place between the years 1970 and 2020. Bekker amassed a fortune from his involvement in the media as well as investments. However, how? How did a young man who had a privileged upbringing on a mealie farm manage to amass such a large fortune?

During the first ten or so years or so, his strategy seems to be quite standard. At Stellenbosch University, where he also dabbled in student journalism, Bekker studied languages, law, and literature. It was there that he also met the woman who would become his wife, Karen Roos. After that, he relocated to the north, and while he was getting his LLB at Wits University, he got his start in the television business by stepping in as a translator for the dubbing of documentaries and plays. This was his first job in the industry. He gave becoming a prosecutor for the state a go, but he didn’t last long in that role. After that, he got a job in the advertising industry.

In the interim, he wed Karen, who would go on to become one of the first television presenters in the country. They made the decision to leave the nation by the beginning of the 1980s when South Africa was already in the midst of the most dangerous decade of apartheid’s last decade. In order to pay for his MBA studies at Columbia University in New York, he had to sell his home and borrow as much money as he could. After some time had passed, he said, “I moved to America in order to go work there.” “I had no intention of making a return.” The decade was the 1980s, and things were not looking well in South Africa.


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In spite of this, he came back a few years later to launch a subscription television network that would subsequently become known as M-Net. When it started making money, Bekker moved the operation to Europe. There, he built a company that operated in more than a dozen nations on the continent, and then he sold it for a handsome profit a few years later. M-Net was the first company he started in what would later become known as the M-group of enterprises. The others, including MIH, MTN, and M-Web, developed businesses that each had the potential to become a respectable example of success for any entrepreneur. Bekker brought it to a new level altogether.

In 1997, he made Cape Town his permanent home and took the helm as CEO of National Pers. This is where he discovered and gathered all of the components that were necessary for him to produce (or bake) billions. “Recipes,” in the same vein as “principles,” strike me as potentially harmful. ‘Both indicate a certain timelessness to your worldview, a rock-solid reality you were born with and with which you will die,’ he told Ebba Demise in an interview for the book Fortunes: The Rise And Rise Of Afrikaner Tycoons. Fortunes is about the rise and rise of Afrikaner business tycoons.

Although it’s possible that Koos did not begin by following a recipe, it’s safe to say that he did prepare something. A look at his life and work shows a number of practices that are very helpful in the kitchen. This book provides a more in-depth look at the business philosophy of Gary Becker. It was a deft blend of reading the wind, throwing caution to the wind, and welcoming the winds of change that he used in his strategy. Over the course of more than forty years, he used fifteen strategies in order to improve his chances of being successful. You may refer to it as the “how to earn billions” listicle if you want (number 10 will really surprise you!).

Koos Bekker owes some of his success in business to the knowledge and experience he gained while working as a farm boy throughout his childhood. Because the work that he performs is so similar to farming, he believes that his upbringing adequately prepared him for the corporate life that he now leads. In farming, he said, “you have an aspect of intervention in the sense that you plant the seed. Then you have an element of nature in the sense that it rains, and you receive yield.” In a similar vein, when you run a company, you do certain actions, then the surrounding environment presents you with certain problems, and you work to find solutions to those problems.

After seeing the expanding cable TV business when he was a student at Columbia Business School in the United States, he was the driving force behind the establishment of M-Net in 1986. M-Net became the first pay television station to be founded outside of the United States as a result of this. M-Net is now accessible in 48 different countries and provides services to in excess of 7 million members. After that, in the year 1994, Koos became one of the directors who were responsible for establishing the cellular telecommunications company MTN. MTN is now the largest mobile phone service provider in Africa as well as the ninth largest in the world.

In addition, Bekker made an investment in the internet company in 1998 via Naspers. This was done at a period when technology was not yet widely used in South Africa. He founded News24 and Fin24, which have since grown to become two of the most successful news websites in South Africa. In addition to that, during his time as CEO, Naspers’ market value increased from around $1.2 billion to $45 billion, which is a significant increase. It is interesting to note that while he was still acting as CEO of Naspers, he signed a contract with the company to not earn a salary or bonus, but rather to be rewarded only through stock option grants that vested over time.

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House Address:

Koos Bekker, Potchefstroom, South Africa

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Koos Bekker,
Potchefstroom, South Africa

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  • Koos Bekker Phone Number: Private
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Personal Facts and Figures

  • Birthday/Birth Date:  14 December 1952 
  • Place of Birth: Potchefstroom, South Africa
  • Wife/GirlFriend: Karen Roos
  • Children: NA
  • Age: 69 Years old
  • Official TikTok: NA
  • Occupation: South African businessman
  • Height: 5′ 7″

Business Facts

  • Salary of Koos Bekker: NA
  • Net worth: 210 crores USD
  • Education: Yes
  • Total TikTok Fans/Followers: NA
  • Facebook Fans: NA
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  • Total Instagram Followers: NA
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Email AddressNA
House address (residence address)Potchefstroom, South Africa
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Whatsapp No.NA

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Some Important Facts About Koos Bekker:-

  1. Koos Bekker is revered for transforming South African newspaper publisher Naspers into an e-commerce investor and cable TV powerhouse.
  2. He led Naspers to pay a reported $34 million for a third of Chinese Internet firm Tencent Holdings in 2001–perhaps the greatest venture investment ever.
  3. In 2019, Naspers put some assets into two publicly-traded companies, entertainment firm MultiChoice Group and Prosus, which contains the Tencent stake

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