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About Digibrity ?
Digibrity is the world’s most trusted source of Information for Celebrities including Actors, Politicians, Social Workers, Singers,
Social Media Stars and many othersis an online database of information, where anyone can find all the important information of
a Celebrities around the world.

Benefits of Digibrity Profile?
Digibrity Profile helps you/your client get a mass online coverage. Digibrity also help you provide business or sponsorships from different
brands around the world. We help your fans and followers find authentic presence of the Public Figure, Celebrity or Global Brand it represents.

You can Search many Celebrities like Naazuk Lochan, Saanvi dhiman, Madhuurima, Tahlia Rowena Coutinho, many more and find
that Digibrity is showing their ranks with all the verified details on top.

How can I request my profile on Digibrity?
We look at a number of factors when evaluating Digibrity Profiles to determine if they’re in Public Interest and also meet our Verification Criteria.
You should be Authentic, Unique and Notable. The Cost for creating a Digibrity Profile is ₹7,000 ($150) inclusive taxes.

How to Prove my Notability?
You/Your Client shoule be little famous in their niche.
You/Your Client’s name should have appereared in at least one of the renowned news articles or newspapers. You can share the link to prove your notability.
You need to provide all the details that are required along with the Photos.
You are required to send a selfie holding a Id Proof in Hand.

In case your are responsible for online presence management or posting on social media on behalf of the entity? Has the entity explicitlydelegated this responsibility to you in a document that you can provide?