25 of the Best Responses When Someone Says What’s Up

Greetings, human! Let’s delve into the art of responding to the universal inquiry, “What’s up?”—a phrase that transcends borders and serves as a greeting, a question, and a display of mutual understanding. Your response, however, is an intricate dance, weaving through scenarios and relationships.

How to Respond to “What’s up?” from a Friend:

  1. “My blood pressure!”
    • Perfect for adding a touch of humor to your response, sparking curiosity, and initiating a conversation.
  2. “Not a thing but a chicken wing!”
    • A nostalgic and quirky response that adds a light-hearted touch, perhaps invoking a chuckle from your friend.
  3. “Same old, same old.”
    • Ideal for when nothing particularly exciting has happened, signaling that things are status quo since your last encounter.
  4. “My rent.”
    • Inject humor into your response, especially effective if your rent has recently increased. A great way to share a joke and possibly discuss real-life issues.
  5. “That’s for me to know and for you to find out.”
    • A playful response, either as a joke or a hint of sarcasm, indicating your mood and readiness (or lack thereof) for a conversation.
  6. Shrug “You know…”
    • A nonchalant reply that conveys a lack of significant changes, perfect for close friends who can interpret your unspoken words.
  7. “Ah, can’t complain.”
    • Neutral and laid-back, signaling that things are fine without delving into details. A suitable response when you’re not in the mood for an extensive conversation.
  8. “Everything that’s supposed to be.”
    • A straightforward and simple response, signaling that you’re okay but not necessarily inclined to share more at the moment.
  9. “I’m screwed, today I found out…”
    • For moments when you need to share something significant with a close friend, providing an opening for a more in-depth conversation.

How to Respond to “What’s up?” from a Coworker:

  1. “It sure isn’t my salary.”
    • Injecting humor into workplace banter, especially effective when navigating the challenges of a low-paying job or missed promotion.
  2. “I’m busy with this proposal, let’s talk later.”
    • A polite and work-appropriate response when you’re not in the mood for casual conversation, signaling your focus on job responsibilities.
  3. “I’m hanging in there, been a busy week.”
    • A balanced response for maintaining professionalism while hinting at the challenges of the workweek.
  4. “Counting the hours until the weekend.”
    • Expressing anticipation for the weekend, a common sentiment shared among working adults. A potential conversation starter.
  5. “All kinds of stuff, did you hear about my promotion?”
    • Sharing good news with a close coworker, fostering positive communication in the workplace.
  6. “Nothing much, what’s up with you?”
    • A classic and polite response, initiating small talk without delving into personal matters with a coworker you’re not particularly close to.
  7. “Me, since 5 a.m. I’m exhausted, man.”
    • Communicating fatigue and opening the door for a conversation about the challenges of the workday.
  8. “Nothing special.”
    • A respectful yet concise response when interacting with a coworker you may not be fond of, avoiding unnecessary tension.

How to Respond to “What’s up?” from a Stranger:

  1. “The cost of everything I need to buy apparently.”
    • A witty response when shopping, invoking a shared sentiment with fellow customers about rising prices.
  2. “The ceiling.”
    • A playful and cheesy answer, great for starting a conversation with a cashier or someone you’ve been eyeing.
  3. “What’s it to you?”
    • A assertive response when dealing with a persistent or creepy stranger, setting boundaries.
  4. “We’re going to find out soon enough.”
    • An intriguing response when waiting with someone, creating a sense of anticipation and prompting further discussion.
  5. “Gas prices.”
    • A classic response, particularly suitable at a gas station, opening a conversation about the fluctuating prices.
  6. “Definitely not your fly.”
    • A humorous way to divert attention, especially when dealing with someone attempting to flirt.
  7. “The opposite of down.”
    • A clever and playful response, sparking a moment of confusion before a shared laugh.
  8. “I’m sorry, that’s confidential information. If I told you, I’d have to kill you.”
    • A humorous and mysterious response, perfect for flirting with a stranger and showcasing your sense of humor.


In conclusion, armed with these diverse responses, you’re now equipped to navigate the intricacies of “What’s up?” in any scenario, ensuring that awkward conversations are a thing of the past. May your interactions be filled with laughter, meaningful connections, and a touch of mystery!

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