30 Clever Comebacks for When Someone Calls You Fat

Hey there! Dealing with body shaming is never easy, but it’s important to remember that the issue lies with the other person, not you. People who feel the need to bring others down usually have their own insecurities to grapple with.

Now, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you want to respond, here are some witty comebacks to shut down the negativity:

  1. “Oh, you noticed? Thanks, Sherlock. Anything else you’d like to share, airhead?”
  2. “Picking on me? Sorry, I don’t date low-lives.”
  3. “Nice try, but my dog can insult me better than that. Step it up.”
  4. “Hungry? Remind you of turkey? Maybe go grab a snack and leave me alone.”
  5. “I’m not in competition with you. I’m happy with myself; you seem sad with things that don’t concern you.”
  6. “Seems like you missed out on parental love. If you had it, maybe you wouldn’t bring others down.”
  7. “I’m busy now, leave a voicemail for my back. I’ll get back to you if I receive the message.”
  8. “Thanks for your view, but keep your opinions to yourself. I’m better off without them.”
  9. “I have my life, you have yours. If I’m fat, it’s not your problem. Stay away from mine.”
  10. “Tried ignoring you, but your body odor got my attention. Can you wrap it up for some fresh air?”
  11. “Is your brain turned backward? There’s a new book called ‘Minding My Own Business’—you should get it.”
  12. “I could lose weight if I wanted, but you’re stuck with your crappy personality. Be nice; it might help.”
  13. “Grow up, learn the difference between an intelligent remark and a childish comment.”
  14. “Calling me fat won’t make me shed weight magically. Speak politely if you want to make a difference.”
  15. “I bet you’re not half as proud of your body as I am of mine. Learn to speak with respect.”

For the ladies:

  1. “If I made you uncomfortable, my work here is done. No space for negative energy.”
  2. “Too dumb to recognize a plus-sized model even if it hit you like a sack of potatoes. Invest in knowledge.”
  3. “Thank you. I’m happy, beautiful, and gorgeous. Can you say the same about yourself?”
  4. “Mom says when someone calls you fat, it’s their self-hate talking. Is that true?”
  5. “Don’t like me? Step away, understand why you spread hate for humans.”
  6. “To comment like that, you must’ve been fixated on my body. Don’t like it? Don’t look.”
  7. “Didn’t know statues could speak. Anything meaningful or should I assume you’re as dumb as you sound?”
  8. “Fat is better than crazy. Get yourself checked out.”
  9. “Secret admirer or just cross-eyed? Focus on your life.”
  10. “Didn’t get enough love as a child, and I don’t know how to help you.”
  11. “Interfere in your anorexic life, leave my fat space to my humble self. What do you think?”
  12. “Opening that mouth won’t make a difference. Be useful elsewhere. Save a plant or something.”
  13. “You’re one of those girls who speak before thinking. Need time to re-boot or more junk to spew?”
  14. “If jealousy is your only expression, you’re mentally unstable. Get checked.”
  15. “Only shallow minds speak like you. Take time to find self-love like I have.”

Remember, when someone calls you fat, it may hurt, but always be proud of yourself. Respond or walk away—they’re not worth your time.

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