39 Witty Responses When Someone Wishes You: “Happy Thanksgiving”

When someone extends their heartfelt “Happy Thanksgiving” to you this year, make sure your response is as delightful as the holiday itself! Wit and humor never go out of style, and we’re here to guide you on what to say when someone wishes you a “Happy Thanksgiving.” Let’s explore a myriad of responses, taking into consideration the diverse aspects of this festive occasion.

7 Responses About the Thanksgiving Meal/Food:

  1. “I’d be more thankful if we didn’t have all this cleaning up to do!”
    • Perfect for those post-feast cleanup blues, this response is sure to elicit laughs and, hopefully, a few helping hands.
  2. “I cleaned my plate! You can just put it back in the cupboard.”
    • A playful way to compliment the chef and express your satisfaction with the scrumptious meal.
  3. “You did a great job on that turkey! Almost makes me not feel sorry for the turkey!”
    • Inject humor by acknowledging the sacrificial turkey’s deliciousness.
  4. “I’m thankful you are the chef this year! God knows we don’t need a repeat of last year!”
    • Lightly tease the chef about avoiding a repeat of any culinary mishaps from the previous Thanksgiving.
  5. “And I’m most thankful for that pumpkin pie! Show me you’re thankful for me with another slice!”
    • Express gratitude for a specific dish and playfully request more.
  6. “I’m getting you the best Christmas present this year! You blessed my stomach.”
    • Humorous appreciation for a particularly talented relative’s culinary skills.
  7. “I hope you’re still thankful when you have to wash these dishes!”
    • Playfully poke fun at the designated dishwashing duty, emphasizing the shared responsibilities in the holiday festivities.

7 Responses About Thanksgiving Activities:

  1. “Thankfully they made that last goal eh!”
    • Celebrate a sports-filled Thanksgiving with a witty comment about your favorite team’s performance.
  2. “I wonder if you’ll still be thankful when you lose!”
    • Inject some friendly competition into board games or video games, maintaining the festive spirit.
  3. “It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without me kicking your butt at Madden again!”
    • Embrace the tradition of friendly video game rivalry during Thanksgiving.
  4. “You know what I’m not thankful for? Having to watch the same movies every year.”
    • Lightly tease family members who insist on watching the same movies annually.
  5. “While you were at home stuffing your face, I was handing out turkeys. I hope you realize how much you have to be thankful for.”
    • Showcase the importance of giving back and gently remind others of the true spirit of Thanksgiving.
  6. “This Thanksgiving is all about the Raptors! I’ll tell you if I’m happy at the end of this game!”
    • Express your sports enthusiasm and link your happiness directly to your favorite team’s performance.
  7. “Thanksgiving can only be happy when I get to spend it with my favorite cousins! My favorite part is when we get nostalgic and promise to see each other more often, but end up being too busy until the same time next year.”
    • Playfully highlight the bittersweet truth of annual family gatherings, adding a touch of nostalgia.

Responses About Something You Are Grateful For:

  1. “I’m super thankful for these days off!”
    • Emphasize the joy of taking a break during the holiday season, reflecting on the value of personal time.
  2. “Today I am thankful for grandma’s pecan pie, and I’m going to eat lots of it.”
    • Express gratitude for a specific food item, emphasizing the pleasure it brings.
  3. “You guys are cool and whatever, but I got my little [insert name of pet] to be more thankful for this year.”
    • Infuse humor by playfully prioritizing your love for your pet in the list of things to be thankful for.
  4. “I’m grateful for friends that feed me!”
    • Acknowledge the importance of friends in making the holiday special, especially during a Friendsgiving celebration.
  5. “I’m thankful I have a place to come back to every year to get free food!”
    • Lightly jest about the perks of returning home for Thanksgiving, especially if you’re a college student or young professional.
  6. “I’m just thankful you aren’t too embarrassed to be seen with this gobble monster!”
    • Share a playful moment about indulging in Thanksgiving feasting, emphasizing the joyous spirit of the occasion.

6 Responses When Someone You Don’t Know Well Wishes You “Happy Thanksgiving”:

  1. “Thanks, stranger! I’m thankful you didn’t kidnap me!”
    • Playfully acknowledge the polite greeting from a stranger, injecting humor with a touch of sarcasm.
  2. “That’s a lot of turkeys. Would you mind adopting an adult male/female this Thanksgiving?”
    • Lightly suggest joining a stranger’s Thanksgiving celebration with a humorous twist.
  3. “I’d be even more thankful if I didn’t have to do all this cooking!”
    • Share a common sentiment about the challenges of cooking during the holiday season, even with someone you don’t know well.
  4. “You too! Aren’t you thankful that last-minute shoppers like us get a chance to redeem ourselves?”
    • Bond with a fellow last-minute shopper by acknowledging the shared experience of rushing for holiday preparations.
  5. “Happy Thanksgiving! I won’t tell if you won’t!”
    • Playfully acknowledge a shared secret, creating a sense of camaraderie in the holiday chaos.
  6. “Happy Thanksgiving friend! Save some of the stuffing and pie for the next time we meet!”
    • Extend the conversation by expressing anticipation for future encounters, using the shared Thanksgiving meal as a bonding point.

6 Responses for When You Don’t Celebrate the Holiday:

  1. “I’m thankful Thanksgiving only comes around once a year!”
    • Lightly jest about the intensity of Thanksgiving festivities, implying a preference for a less frequent occurrence.
  2. “I don’t really believe in Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in good food!”
    • Express your personal stance on Thanksgiving while appreciating the culinary delights associated with the holiday.
  3. “Yeah, let’s all celebrate the mass death of turkeys!”
    • Inject a touch of dark humor to emphasize the somewhat morbid nature of the Thanksgiving tradition.
  4. “Is that your excuse for stuffing your face every year?”
    • Playfully tease a friend about their Thanksgiving indulgence, emphasizing the light-hearted spirit of the occasion.
  5. “Thanksgiving isn’t for me, but I’ll take a plate!”
    • Politely decline full participation in Thanksgiving while expressing a willingness to enjoy the delicious food.
  6. “I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I celebrate your cooking.”
    • Compliment the host’s cooking skills while making it clear that your appreciation is not tied to the holiday itself.

Bonus: 7 Responses When Someone Asks: “How Was Your Thanksgiving Holiday?”

  1. “Well, it was great for me. Not so much for the turkeys!”
    • Infuse humor into your recounting of the holiday, highlighting your enjoyment of the feast.
  2. “Good, good. I spent half my time napping, and half my time eating.”
    • Convey a laid-back and content Thanksgiving experience, emphasizing the simple joys of relaxation and indulgence.
  3. “Well, it would’ve been better if my team won, but my grandma’s pumpkin pie made up for it.”
    • Incorporate sports enthusiasm into your holiday narrative, balancing disappointment with the delight of delicious desserts.
  4. “I’m thankful for most parts. 99% of it. The 1% is doing dishes, and man there were many!”
    • Playfully lament the unavoidable task of post-Thanksgiving dishwashing, underscoring the overall enjoyment of the holiday.
  5. “I spent Thanksgiving with my wife’s family. How do you think it went?”
    • Employ humor to navigate potentially challenging family dynamics, providing a lighthearted perspective on holiday gatherings.
  6. “It was something. What’s Thanksgiving without a bit of family drama?”
    • Acknowledge the reality of family dynamics during the holidays, finding humor in the ups and downs of Thanksgiving gatherings.
  7. “If I could redo it, I wouldn’t have taken that 3rd plate. My toilet hates me for it.”
    • Playfully address the consequences of indulging in multiple servings, adding a humorous twist to the aftermath of a hearty Thanksgiving meal.


Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, family, and delicious meals. Whether you’re navigating humorous exchanges about the feast, sharing Thanksgiving activities, expressing gratitude, responding to strangers, or explaining your non-celebratory stance, these responses aim to add a touch of warmth and humor to your holiday interactions. So, the next time someone wishes you a “Happy Thanksgiving,” feel free to choose from these 39 examples to keep the festive spirit alive and well!

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