IDubbbz Phone Number, Bio, Email ID, Autograph Address, Fanmail and Contact Details

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IDubbbz Phone Number, Bio, Email ID, Autograph Address, Fanmail and Contact Details

On March 26, 2010, Ian launched his own YouTube channel and immediately posted two videos to it. On the other hand, on August 12, 2012, he launched a another channel, which is currently considered to be his primary one. The Holiday stages from the video game Overgrowth were included in the first video that he ever posted on the site, which was done so on August 30, 2012. He got his start on YouTube as a gamer, much like a lot of other YouTubers. IDubbbz maintained the practise of uploading new gaming videos to his channel up until the 18th of March, 2013, when he published his first “Gaming News Crap” video. This video marked the beginning of his Kickstarter Crap series.

Despite the fact that he continued to produce gaming videos, iDubbbz prioritized his more well-known series, such as Kickstarter Crap and Bad Unboxing, above the production of these films. The series Content Cop, which is widely considered to be iDubbbz’s most successful endeavours, is directed targeting content producers working in a variety of fields whose work is sometimes extremely controversial or ineptly carried out. Over 250 million views have been accumulated throughout all of the series’ episodes thanks to him.

The opening sequence of each episode of Content Cop is a sketch of iDubbbz dressed as a police officer chasing a suspect as Otis McDonald’s song Otis McMusic plays in the background. The chase ultimately devolves into a fight between the two characters. The scene then cuts to iDubbbz seated in his studio before he begins discussing the channel or channels in question. The opening fight is not mentioned at any point, despite the fact that the sketch concludes with the Content Cop apparently being killed or, in one case, the suspect stealing his uniform and running away.

Even though there are a lot of requests for iDubbbz to spotlight certain YouTubers in the comments area of Content Cop videos, he almost always ignores these requests. The moniker iDubbbz belongs to a well-known American comedian who uploads videos to the website YouTube. Voice l’affichage de la table des métiers. iDubbbz became well-known with the launch of a number of very popular YouTube channel projects, such as iDubbbzTV, iDubbbzTV2, iDubbbzGames, and idubbbzStream. iDubbbz was born on July 27, 1990, which means that he is now 32 years old as of the time that this article was written.

That person is a Leo. His real name, Ian Carter, is not nearly as well-known as the internet alias he goes by, iDubbbz, which he uses exclusively online. iDubbbz has two brothers who are both older than he is. Their names are Troy and Kevin, and they both have the same last name. iDubbbz is a comedian and a well-known figure on YouTube. As a result of his work, he has garnered a great deal of attention. The establishment of the YouTube channels iDubbbzTV, iDubbbzTV2, and iDubbbzGames was the single most significant contributor to his meteoric climb to notoriety.

The popularity of his comic video series Bad Unboxing, Content Cop, and Kickstarter Crap, all of which he developed, has contributed significantly to the rise in his notoriety. In addition, the iDubbbz diss track that was named Asian Jake Paul made its debut and reached its highest rank at position #24 on the US R&B/HH Digital Song Sales list that was located on This comment was meant for Jake Paul, who was referred to as Asian Jake Paul. On the creator’s iDubbbzTV channel, in addition to gaming videos, vlogs, and a review series called Kickstarter Crap, all of which are very popular, you can also find a review series called Kickstarter Crap.

In August of 2012, the famous user on YouTube began uploading videos to the primary channel for his channel on YouTube. The first content posted to the channel consisted of gameplay from the game Overgrowth. In addition, iDubbbz maintains a gaming channel on YouTube referred to as “iDubbbzGames,” as well as a secondary channel on YouTube referred to as “iDubbbzTV2.” In addition, the YouTube celebrity played the part of a waitress in the segment of TVFilthyFrank show named “Hair Cake,” which she appeared in as a cameo appearance.

iDubbbz had already established a presence on YouTube by creating a channel on March 26, 2010, the same day that he also posted two videos to the channel. On the other hand, the YouTube star debuted his principal channel on August 12, 2012, and his older channel is not currently being updated or maintained in any way at this moment. On August 30, 2012, the famous actor published the very first video that he had ever made on the primary channel that he uses. In this particular video, he played through the Holiday levels that are available in the video game Overgrowth.

iDubbbz, much like the bulk of other content producers on YouTube, got his start by uploading gameplay videos to the platform. Later, he expanded his repertoire to include vlogs and reaction videos, among other sorts of videos. Up until the 18th of March in 2013, the young YouTuber continued to post videos of himself participating in various video gaming activities. After then, iDubbbz gave the first presentation in his series named “Gaming News Crap,” which was followed by a break. This video was the germ that finally developed into the continuing Kickstarter Crap series that the YouTuber has been posting.

Despite the fact that he continues to make videos that are pertinent to gaming, the popularity of iDubbbz’s programmes Kickstarter Crap and Bad Unboxing has skyrocketed. This is the case even though he continues to produce videos. The YouTube star’s perception of the relevance of these things evolved as well. In addition, iDubbbz worked on projects in conjunction with a significant number of well-known content providers, including PewDiePie, Philip DeFranco, Ricky Berwick, and Gus Johnson, amongst others. In addition to this, iDubbbz began its production of documentaries in the year 2019, so stay tuned for them! The vast majority of the subjects that were covered in his movies are now widely discussed on the internet.

To this point, iDubbbz has been the creative force behind the invention of two of these characters; their names are Full Force and Ice Cream Man. The topic of the band is the primary focus of both Aflame and Airsoftfatty, two documentaries that were just released. After that, around the latter half of the year 2020, the YouTube sensation started streaming on Twitch. After iDubbbz established its presence on Twitch, it immediately went ahead and started broadcasting on the “idubbbzStream” channel. The prominent YouTuber will sometimes broadcast highlights from his Twitch stream on this channel. Anisa Jomha and iDubbbz are currently romantically connected with one another. Anisa is an experienced gamer who broadcasts her gameplay on both YouTube and Twitch.

October 2016 marked the beginning of the couple’s courtship, at which point they became inseparable and have been thus ever since. It is common knowledge in the gaming community that @anisajomha is iDubbbz’s significant other. Additionally, the streamer that iDubbbz is dating is well-known for her streaming in the form of a podcast. In these broadcasts, she talks a variety of topics and has even broadcast League of Legends (LoL) gaming in the past.

iDubbbz is dating this streamer. Over the course of many years, this body of water has received a significant amount of attention. iDubbbz is a towering figure, standing at over 1.88 meters, which is comparable to 6 feet 2 inches, and weighs over 70 kegs, which is similar to 154 lbs. iDubbbz’s height is equivalent to 6 feet 2 inches, and his weight is equivalent to 70 kegs. In addition, iDubbbz has brown eyes and brown hair, which work together to complete his entire look.

Ian Carter is one of the most well-known users on YouTube, and his major channel, which is called iDubbbzTV, has more than 4 million subscribers. He is most recognised for his series on YouTube titled “Kickstart rubbish,” which has amassed a significant amount of notoriety. The ambitious star of YouTube went on to launch two further channels, which he called “iDubbbzGames” and “iDubbbzTV2.” Even though he gained a good amount of subscribers on both of these channels, his main channel, which is called “iDubbbzTV,” is still by far his most popular channel.

He is also actively followed on a large number of other social media websites, including Instagram, where he has more than 709 thousand lovers, Twitter, where he has more than 774 thousand followers, and Facebook, where he has more than one hundred thousand followers. His main channel is mostly made up of three distinct vlog series, each of which is largely responsible for the bulk of his audience and fame. The videos he’s created under the moniker “Content Cop” have been his most successful series to date. Because of the fact that his videos have a combined total of more than 50 million views and that he has millions of fans from all over the globe, he brings in more than $365,000 in revenue each year.

He continued to upload gaming videos to YouTube up until 2013, when he produced his first video, which was named “Gaming News Crap.” Before then, he was regarded to be a typical YouTube content creator. After being seen more than a few times, the video quickly racked up more than a million views in a matter of a few short months. As a direct result of this, Ian started making further movies that were of the same kind and titled them the “Kickstart rubbish” series.

Following this, he created a film series called “Stuff Cop,” in which he poked fun at stuff that was considered to be unimportant or of a bad quality. In these films, he can be seen posing as a law enforcement officer and making what seem to be mocking comments and taunts meant at YouTube content creators who participate in dubious practises in order to raise the number of subscribers and views on their channels.

His second series is titled “Bad Unboxing,” and in it, he opens fan mail, which often includes a combination of odd gifts and venomous notes. On his main channel, he has more than 200 videos accessible; however, he has deleted a significant number of the gameplay videos he uploaded earlier in his career from his channel, and as a result, it is now entirely dedicated to the three series that he is now working on. Ian came to the conclusion at an early age that there were things that people wanted, and he promptly started making a series of films that had the substance that they sought.

It dawned on him that his wit and sarcasm were interesting, and that people were subscribing to his channel in order to get a glimpse of his remarks on a range of YouTubers and the videos they had published. He also became aware of the fact that his wit and sarcasm were entertaining. As a consequence of this, he prioritized the production of such films and initiated the creation of a number of series that each had a distinct message.

As a consequence of this, he was able to establish a prosperous career as a video maker on YouTube as a consequence of the enormous variety of content that was accessible on his channel. When it comes to the production of films, Ian never settles for anything less than the very finest equipment. The fact that he is taller than six feet adds to the other attractive qualities he has. His height is above six feet.

The responses that he gets from his supporters also suggest that a significant number of his audience members, especially female viewers, are hopelessly crazy with him. He is delighted by this news since it demonstrates that he is much liked. There isn’t a lot of information on Ian that can be found online due to the fact that he doesn’t communicate much about himself or his family.

On the other hand, he gives the image of being a person who enjoys having fun, and he has the capacity to find humor in almost any circumstance. Not only has he collaborated with other people who make videos on YouTube to create his own, but he also spends the bulk of his time hanging out with other people who make videos on YouTube. In point of fact, he assists and directs them in the right direction while doing so as well.

His other social media pages, such as those on Twitter, are also full of hilarious and sarcastic comments aimed at recent events that have been reported in the press. Even when he isn’t shooting, he is thinking of amazing ideas for material to add to his successful series; at the moment, he is working on his other two channels in an effort to make them just as popular as the first one he created. Even when he isn’t shooting, he is thinking of amazing ideas for material to add to his successful series.

The web series Content Cop, which is widely regarded as one of the most successful endeavours undertaken by iDubbbz, is aimed at content producers working in a variety of fields whose work can often be highly contentious or carried out incompetently. The series was created to target these individuals. Because of him, the total number of views that have been amassed throughout all of the episodes of the series is over 250 million.

A skit with iDubbbz disguised as a police officer following a criminal while Otis McDonald’s song Otis Mmusi plays in the background serves as the opening scene of each episode of Content Cop. A confrontation between the two main protagonists is what ultimately puts an end to the chase. Next, we see iDubbbz talking about the channel or channels at issue as he is sitting in his studio. The scene then transitions to him talking about the channels. Despite the fact that the sketch ends with the Content Cop either getting slain or, in one example, the suspect taking his uniform and escaping away, the beginning conflict is never referenced at any point in time.

Even though many people in the comments section of Content Cop videos have asked iDubbbz to include certain YouTube creators, he nearly never complies with these requests. On December 10, 2016, prominent YouTube content creator Tana Mongeau sent a message to the channel known as iDubbbz. She suggested in the tweet that iDubbbz need to end his life due to the fact that he often makes use of the term “retard” and “the N-word.” Tana ultimately made the decision to delete the tweet after some time had passed since, at the time, one of her followers had just committed suicide.

On January 21, 2017, Tana Mongeau hosted a meeting for her fans, and iDubbbz and his girlfriend, Anisa, were there to show their support for her. Anisa was also photographing the incident on a camera, and the footage she captured was ultimately used for the episode of Content Cop that centred on Tana Mongeau. iDubbbz had the intention of taking a photograph with Tana, but instead of saying “Say cheese!” he said “Say n*egger!” After the picture was taken, iDubbbz was kicked out of the room because of his inappropriate comment.

Tana detailed the incident in a video that she produced and titled “The N Word,” and she uploaded it on YouTube. She does not mention iDubbbz at any time during the movie; rather, she only explains the events that went place during the meet and greet and gives her view on how the word ought to be used. Her description of what took place included a number of exaggerations, some of which were pointed out by the Content Cop at a later point in time. Following the events that led to this incident, a number of people brought up the fact that Tana herself had been captured using the n-word in a chat with another individual.

On February 6, 2017, iDubbbz uploaded a video on her on Content Cop. In the video, he justified his use of the phrase “n*gger” and accused Mongeau of hypocrisy by giving older videos of her using the same word. iDubbbz also accused Mongeau of using the term “n*gger” herself. On February 6, 2017, the footage was first shared online. He said that his use of the phrase is not meant to offend others since it is done in a humorous context, but he viewed Mongeau’s usage of the word to be racist. He believed that this was because Mongeau did not use the term in a comedy situation.

He gave the impression that he is making the funny reference in the course of his usage of the term. In the video, Ian gives Mongeau feedback on how she handled the matter following the incident that took place during her performance, and he also includes footage of the event itself. In addition to this, he examines the use of insulting phrases in a context that is more broad, as well as the value that society places on certain words in relation to the offensiveness of the utilization of such words.

During the most contentious portion of the discussion, iDubbbz added more than 200,000 new users in only three days. The Content Cop did not, however, have a big influence on the channel as a whole that Mongeau maintains since she is still such a prominent YouTuber. During the month of March in the year 2020, Anisa Jomha, who is Ian’s girlfriend, signed up for a membership on the website OnlyFans. OnlyFans is a paid subscription service that enables users to see unedited images and content rated 18+ that has been contributed by the site’s creators.

This service also enables the content to be monetized. People referred to Ian as a “sump” or, in some instances, a “Content Cuck” as a consequence of his quiet on this issue because of his minute reaction and his silence over his girlfriend establishing this account. Additionally, many people branded him a “Content Cuck” as a result of his silence on this problem. Because of this, substantial criticisms were levelled at Ian’s brief answer and his silence about his girlfriend establishing this account.

Anisa did not begin with a lot of support from the fans of iDubbbz due to the fact that she had a history of engaging in dubious behaviors. Because of his criticism of “booby” streamers and female streamers/content producers who utilised their body for likes and views on YouTube and Twitch, many people also accused Ian of being a hypocrite. They said this because of his condemnation of such streamers. On the other hand, Ian did not hold his girlfriend to the same double standard about her behaviour when she was streaming online.

Since 2012, iDubbbz has been posting films on YouTube under the username “iDubbbz.” These videos are notorious for courting controversy by criticizing the content of other YouTube channels. Although he got his start in the gaming industry by putting gaming videos online, he became famous with the publishing of the first instalment of his Gaming News Crap series. Despite the fact that some of the videos from some of iDubbbz TV’s most popular series have been removed from his channels, Bad Unboxing, Kickstarter Crap, and Content Cop remain three of the channel’s most popular ongoing programmes.

In each new episode of his series, “Material Cop,” he analyses and discusses information that can be found on the video-sharing website YouTube. Good remarks on this issue have been made by critics as well as notable video makers on YouTube, such as Philip DeFranco, who has said in the past that “No one does hit-pieces better than Ian.”

IDubbbz Phone Number, Email Address, Contact No Information and More Details

IDubbbz Addresses:

House Address:

IDubbbz, San Antonio, Texas, United States

Fanmail Address / Autograph Request Address:


San Antonio, Texas, United States

IDubbbz Contact Phone Number and Contact Details info

  • IDubbbz Phone Number: +1(607)301-0540
  • IDubbbz Mobile Contact Number: NA
  • WhatsApp Number of IDubbbz: NA
  • Personal Phone Number: Same as Above
  • IDubbbz Email ID:

Social Media Accounts of Content Creator ‘ IDubbbz ’

  • TikTok Account:
  • Facebook Account (Facebook Profile):
  • Twitter Account:
  • Instagram Account:
  • YouTube Channel:
  • Tumblr Details: NA
  • Official Website: NA
  • Snapchat Profile: NA

Personal Facts and Figures

  • Birthday/Birth Date: 27 July 1990
  • Place of Birth: San Antonio, Texas, United States
  • Wife/GirlFriend: NA
  • Children: NA
  • Age: 32 Years old
  • Official TikTok: NA
  • Occupation: YouTuber
  • Height: 1.88 m

Business Facts

  • Salary of IDubbbz: NA
  • Net worth: $2 million
  • Education: Yes
  • Total TikTok Fans/Followers: 82K
  • Facebook Fans: 134K
  • Twitter Followers: 1.4 million
  • Total Instagram Followers: 1.2 million followers
  • Total YouTube Followers: 12 million

Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website
House address (residence address)San Antonio, Texas, United States
Office AddressNA
Office NumberNA
Official WebsiteNA
Personal No.NA
Phone Number+1(607)301-0540
Snapchat IdNA
TikTok Id
Whatsapp No.NA

Some Important Facts About IDubbbz:-

  1. IDubbbz was born on 27 July 1990
  2. His Age is 32 years old.
  3. His birth sign is Leo

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