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Richard Dawkins

British ethologist and biologist Richard Dawkins is a major player in the field of evolutionary biology. He pioneered the new discipline of genetic etiology by putting an emphasis on the role genes play in the evolutionary process. Living in Kenya as a child exposed him to a wide variety of animals, which piqued his interest in ethology (the objective and scientific study of animal behavior). The fact that he spent his formative years in Kenya fueled this curiosity.

Animal behavior was something that always interested him, and that interest grew into a career-long preoccupation for him. He had a religious upbringing but became an atheist after concluding that the theory of evolution better explained the mysteries of the universe and the human condition. After learning that evolutionary theory has been present for millions of years, he had an epiphany. His zoology training at Oxford led to a successful career as a university professor and journal editor.

He is a strong proponent of Darwinism and is best known for his gene-centered reinterpretation of Darwin’s theory of natural selection. He is widely known for his scathing criticism of religion, which he sees as the root of all evil and an excuse for blind faith. The fact that he has made a name for himself by attacking religion has helped. He has authored several books and produced several TV documentaries. Richard Dawkins founded the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (RDFRS) to do good in the world.

Its goal is to fund academic initiatives that investigate the relationship between faith and psychology. Dawkins laid the groundwork for this idea. Born on March 26, 1941, in Nairobi, Kenya to parents named Jean Mary Vyvyan and Clinton John Dawkins. His father was an agricultural civil servant in the British Colonial Service in Kenya, thus he and his family spent most of his boyhood in the country’s wild areas, where he got attracted by the wide variety of animal species and their unique behaviors. He is the youngest of two siblings, the oldest being his sister.


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Dawkins and his family moved to England in 1949, when he was barely eight years old. He was brought up in a Christian home, but he stopped believing in God when he was a teenager. He was a thoughtful and curious youth who eventually concluded that evolution theory offered superior answers to life’s mysteries over traditional religion. He attended Northamptonshire’s Oundle School from 1954 till 1959. After that, he went on to complete his undergraduate degree in zoology at Oxford, England’s Balliol College in 1962. There, he was a research student under the famous ethologist Nikolaas Tinbergen, and he eventually got a Ph.D. in 1966.

He joined the faculty of the University of California, Berkeley, in the department of zoology in 1967 and stayed there until 1969 in the role of associate professor. During his stay, he participated actively in local anti-war demonstrations. They hired him as a professor at Oxford in the year 1970. In 1976, he published “The Selfish Gene,” a book about evolution he’d been working on for a while. Adaptation and Natural Selection, George C. Williams’s first book, offered the core assumption for this work, which this book develops further.

He began his career in zoology at the University of Oxford as a reader in the year 1990. After establishing the Simonyi Professorship for the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University, donor Charles Simonyi requested that Richard Dawkins be its inaugural occupant in 1995. In 2003, his articles were compiled under the title “A Devil’s Chaplain,” and they covered topics such as pseudoscience, genetic determinism, memetics, terrorism, religion, and creationism. He also frequently writes commentary on the issues of the day for newspapers and blogs.

This organization, now known as the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science, was founded by him in 2006. (RDFRS or RDF). The non-profit organization’s mission is to promote scientific literacy through activities such as supporting academic inquiry into a variety of faiths and philosophies, creating and distributing educational resources, and donating to secular charities. His two awards, the Finlay Innovation Award and the Michael Faraday Award were given to him in the same year, 1990. In 1989, he was awarded the Silver Medal by the Zoological Society of London for his achievements.

In recognition of his “concise and approachable presentation of scientific material,” the Alfred Toepfer Foundation of Hamburg awarded him the Shakespeare Prize in 2005. He won the Lewis Thomas Prize for Science Writing in 2006, and the Author of the Year Award at the Galaxy British Book Awards in 2007. It was in 2010 that Richard Dawkins joined the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Honorary Board, which is made up of eminent figures in the secular movement.

It was to an ethologist by the name of Marian Stamp that he said “I do” for the first time in 1967. Both parties decided to go their own ways in 1984. Shortly after finalizing his divorce, he wed Eve Barham and began a new family with her. Another failed marriage ended in divorce. He married Lalla Ward in 1992, his third time at the altar. He met Lalla, an actress, through a common connection. Even though Richard Dawkins is the leading Darwinist public speaker, he takes what some would call a contradictory stance when there is a prospect that skepticism about Darwinian theory may be expressed: he actively discourages public discussion.


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All of Dawkins’ later activist work on behalf of atheism rests on Darwin’s repudiation of the design theory, yet he himself refuses to dispute Darwinian evolution’s truth. In 2005, after learning that George Gilder is a Discovery Institute Senior Fellow and an advocate for intelligent design, he abruptly left a talk on National Public Radio with Gilder. It was planned that George Gilder would participate in the debate.

Whether or not God, if He exists, would have to be “complex” is at the heart of the argument made in The God Delusion. Dawkins claims that He must be and that someone or something even more complex than He is is required to account for His existence. This, Dawkins maintains, would lead to an infinite number of gods, each of which would be required to justify the existence of every other god. Giving God as much complexity as Dawkins proposes (in contrast to the more traditional understanding of theism) would have some problematic ramifications, as philosopher Alvin Plantinga points out.

which hold that God exemplifies simplicity) only makes sense from a materialist point of view. However, the whole idea of materialism presumes that there is no such thing as an immaterial creature, like God. The reasoning is thus self-referential. “Well, you might have done any of the following to get here. It’s possible that in the distant past, a civilization arose, possibly through Darwinian means, potentially to a very high degree of technology, and designed a form of life that they seeded onto possibly this planet. Something like this might have occurred in the past, somewhere in the cosmos.

And it’s not just any potential; it’s an interesting potential; so there you go. If you dig deep enough into the specifics of biochemistry and molecular biology, you might just find the signature of a designer, and that would be compelling evidence of an intelligent designer’s handiwork. At home, Richard Dawkins can often be found perched on the arm of his couch, playing his Electronic Wind Instrument (EWI) (essentially a digital clarinet). He can make it sound like a cello or a saxophone simply by pressing one or the other of two buttons. As the sun streams in through the windows, he plays the theme from Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf.

What will happen when he finally breathes his last? He states it without hesitation: “It will be like being born again.” A vast quantity of empty space. Or, to put it another way, we’re just as much of a nothing now as we were before we were even born. A famous quotation from Mark Twain, “I do not dread death,” is cited. I had been dead for incalculable billions of years before I was even conceived, and I hadn’t felt a thing throughout all that time. And in the meantime, Dawkins is keeping himself occupied with life and writing books.

Another entry in the Dawkins canon, The Genetic Book of the Dead, is scheduled for publication the following year. Dawkins will also go on an Australian speaking tour beginning in Melbourne on February 17. A lot has happened around the world since Richard Dawkins’ previous trip to Australia.

The award-winning British author and evolutionary scientist visited our fair isle in 2018. At the time, the public still mostly trusted scientists and accepted scientific theory, but this was about a year before the development of conspiracy theorists and critics of mainstream science began to weaken that trust. We can expect the famous atheist to bring up this topic at some point during his next visit, during which he will engage in a series of unscripted debates debating science, religion, and other themes.

When you’re feeling down, do you ever wish you could just take off and fly? Being able to soar and dive and play and avoid in the third dimension as if flying through two. Passing silently and unnoticed through the forest canopy. Virtual reality headsets, computer games, and even some medications have the power to spark our imagination and take us to otherworldly places. It’s not the real deal, though. It’s hardly unexpected that some of history’s brightest minds, like Leonardo da Vinci, have dreamed of yet been unable to build a working airplane.

This book, appropriately titled “Flights of Fancy,” explores the history of flight and the myriad ways in which humans and other animals have defied gravity through millions of years and across the globe. Everything from the Greek myth of Icarus to the tragic extinction of the majestic Argentavis magnificens through the Wright brothers’ first airplane to the 747 is here. However, it might also be conversations that start off talking about an actual flight but then drift off into philosophical or theoretical territory. Uniquely written and illustrated by one of the world’s leading zoologists and talented artists, this book is perfect for curious young adults.


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Some Important Facts About Richard Dawkins:-

  1. Richard Dawkins was born on 26 March 1941.
  2. His Age is 81 years old.
  3. His birth sign is Aries.

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