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Eduardo, a.k.a. EddieVR, is a popular YouTube personality. He currently resides in the United States, despite the fact that he was born in Mexico. He posts a lot of virtual reality gaming videos on YouTube. The EddieVR YouTube channel has more than 4 million subscribers and more than 308 million views. With GabbyGotGames VR, Joystick Jago, and ReeKid’s individual projects, he has collaborated. JoshDub, Mully, JuicyFruitSnacks, and Your Narrator are all members of The Boys, a gaming collective he founded with them and their friends. He has a soft spot for felines. Gabrielle, as GabbyGotGames VR, is sometimes mistaken for his girlfriend.

EddieVR began his professional life by submitting videos to YouTube. His YouTube gaming videos, in which he discusses virtual reality, have made him famous. Some of the virtual reality games he’s tried include Surgeon Simulator, Minecraft VR, and Five Nights at Freddy’s. he’s a part of the gaming group known as The Boys with JoshDub and Mully, JuicyFruitSnacks and Your Narrator.

With Gabby Got Games VR, Joystick Jago and ReeKid he has collaborated on further projects. His films are enjoyable since he enjoys playing games with his coworkers. In a few of his films, he incorporates characters from video games into funny sketches. Another of his great successes is the Veronica novela collection.

On August 28, 2019, EddieVR launched his YouTube channel. My Mexican Accent Made Kids Crazy in Virtual Reality was his first video upload to the channel. The most popular of Pavlov TTT Funny moments, with almost one million views.

Surgery in space is not recommended. His most watched video is VR Funny Moments. As of this writing, it has been seen over 6.6 million times. More than 4.4 million people have subscribed to the channel, which has had over 308 million views as of the time of this writing.

He Got In!! – Duck Season VR [Ending] has over 7.8 million viewers, while I Let Her Quarantine and Chill with me has over 5 million viewers combined. All of these shows are available on the Google Cardboard platform. “Justice for No No Square Meme!” has over 6.7 million viewers; “Baby No No Dating” has over 8 million viewers” (gone wrong).

His former YouTube channel was called Sauceddie. The channel was made available to the general public on April 17, 2016. In contrast, the service was shut down on October 17, 2019. The channel had a whopping 670 videos. On Fortnite, Baldi’s Basic Voice Trolling. One of the channel’s most popular videos was Baldi Voice Impressions, which was also the channel’s first upload. This is the first part of our Ratchet & Clank PS4 walkthrough!

EddieVR and I are friends on Facebook. offers his merchandise, which has an Instagram following of more than 314,000 people under the handle @saucyddie. The “gold play button” he received on YouTube in March 2020, he celebrated by posting a picture of it on Instagram.

In July 2020, he posted a video of himself singing and playing his first guitar song on Instagram. Singer Sin Bandera’s song “Te Vai Venir Letra” was at issue.

EddieVR’s Twitter account, Sauceddie, was launched in March of that year. “I’m the Mexican person who plays VR and acts like an idiot for your pleasure,” he says on his Twitter page.

eddievr’s TikTok account currently has over 133.9 million likes and 6.4 million followers as of this writing. Gamers EddieVR and GabbyGotGames VR are usually referred to as GabbyGotGames VR and EddieVR.

The Instagram account of EddieVR is constantly updated with images of Gabrielle. At the time, EddieVR posted a picture of them with face paint and said, “They claimed we were having an Emo theme party…?” EddieVR is an animal lover. His two loving cats, Visco and Chopo, are frequently shown on his Instagram profile..

After being quarantined, he’s started posting photographs of his “before/after” makeovers on Instagram to document his progress.

On a regular basis EddieVR, better known as Eduardo, goes to the gym to keep himself in condition. In addition, he eats a healthy diet to keep his body in peak condition. His height and weight are 5’11” or 180cm or 1.80m, respectively.

Eduardo has been a fan of “place” games since he was a toddler. Virtual reality games are among his favourite genres of video games, and he is a major admirer. His first YouTube video, “I Dare You To Keep a Straight Face While Watching This,” was posted on April 12, 2018, and he was inspired to create his YouTube account “sauceddie” on April 18, 2016.

After receiving such a favourable response to his first video, he continued to upload comedic VR gaming videos to his YouTube account as a result of his success. Not only has he tried a few virtual reality games, but his YouTube channel has seen an increase in views, subscribers, and likes as a result of his activities. It became EddieVR’s primary YouTube channel. As a matter of fact, he has collaborated with a lot of YouTubers in the VR and gaming communities.

“The Boys” members Eddie VR and the rest have a long history of collaborating on projects. There was a lot of buzz about them online, and they posted a lot of photos and videos to their different social media profiles as well. There are some virtual reality games that Eddie VR and his wife Gabrielle Anderson have played together.

Eduardo was awarded YouTube’s breakout gaming creator for 2020 after racking up millions of views, likes, and shares on his YouTube channels.

Furthermore, he worked with Gabby Got Games VR and Joystick Jago on other projects. Because he likes to play video games with his coworkers, his movies are entertaining. The characters from video games appear in a handful of his flicks. The Veronica novela collection is another one of his many accomplishments.

EddieVR’s YouTube account was launched on August 28th, 2019. His first video upload to the channel was My Mexican Accent Makes Kids Crazy in Virtual Reality. With nearly a million views, this is Pavlov TTT Funny moment’s most popular clip.

It is not recommended to perform surgery in space. His most popular video is VR Funny Moments, which has over 200,000 views. More than 6.6 million people have already seen it. At the time of this writing, the channel has over 308 million views with an audience of 4.4 million subscribers.

More than 7.8 million people have watched Duck Season VR [Ending], while I Let Her Quarantine and Chill with me have more than 5 million people watching together. Using Google Cardboard, you can watch all of these shows.

Sauceddie was the name of his previous YouTube channel. On April 17, 2016, the channel was made available to the entire audience. However, on October 17, 2019, the service was shut down. A whopping 670 videos were available on the service. Basic voice trolling by Baldi in Fortnite. Baldi Voice Impressions was one of the channel’s most popular videos, and it was also the channel’s initial upload. Our Ratchet & Clank PS4 walkthrough has begun!

On Facebook, EddieVR and I have mutual friends. More than 314,000 individuals follow @saucyddie on Instagram, where sells his goods. Upon receiving the “gold play button,” he took to Instagram to share a photo of it.

His first guitar tune was posted on Instagram in July 2020. The song “Te Vai Venir Letra” by Sin Bandera was in question.

In March of that year, EddieVR’s Twitter account, Sauceddie, was created. A self-described “Mexican dude that plays VR and acts like an idiot for your pleasure,” he says on Twitter.

As of the time of this writing, eddievr’s TikTok account had over 133.9 million likes and 6.4 million followers. Gamers GabbyGotGames VR and EddieVR are common names for EddieVR and GabbyGotGames VR, respectively.

EddieVR’s Instagram feed is littered with pictures of Gabrielle. “They said we were having an Emo theme party,” EddieVR wrote on his Facebook page at the time, referring to a photo of the group wearing face paint. EddieVR has a soft spot for animals. Visco and Chopo, his two adoring cats, frequently appear in photos on his Instagram page.

While confined, he’s begun documenting his rehabilitation on Instagram, sharing photos of his “before/after” makeovers.

EddieVR, a.k.a. Eduardo, visits the gym on a regular basis to maintain his physical fitness. As a result, his body is in peak shape since he eats a nutritious diet. he stands at 5’11” and weighs 220 lbs “or 1.80 m or 1.80 m in length.

Since he was a small child, Eduardo has enjoyed playing “place” games. He’s a big fan of virtual reality games, and they’re one of his favourite types of video games. To commemorate the one-year anniversary of the release of his debut video, “I Dare You To Keep a Straight Face While Watching This,” on April 12, 2018, he created the YouTube channel “sauceddie” on April 18, 2016.

Because of the positive response to his initial video, he proceeded to post hilarious VR gaming films to his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel has witnessed a rise in views, subscribers and likes as a result of his involvement with virtual reality games. EddieVR’s main YouTube channel was EddieVR’s YouTube channel. In fact, he’s worked with a slew of other YouTubers in the virtual reality and gaming industries.

Eddie VR and the rest of “The Boys” have a long history of working together. Many people were talking about them on the internet, and they shared numerous images and videos on their various social media accounts. Eddie VR and his wife Gabrielle Anderson have played various virtual reality games together.

After amassing millions of views, likes, and shares on his YouTube channels, Eduardo was named YouTube’s breakout gaming creator for 2020.

Sauceddie Phone Number, Email Address, Contact No Information and More Details

Sauceddie Addresses:

House Address:



Fanmail Address / Autograph Request Address:

Sauceddie, Mexico

Sauceddie Contact Phone Number and Contact Details info

  • Sauceddie Phone Number: Private
  • Sauceddie Mobile Contact Number: NA
  • WhatsApp Number of Sauceddie: NA
  • Personal Phone Number: Same as Above
  • Sauceddie Email ID:

Social Media Accounts of  Content Creator ‘Sauceddie ’

  • TikTok Account: NA
  • Facebook Account (Facebook Profile):
  • Twitter Account:
  • Instagram Account:
  • YouTube Channel:
  • Tumblr Details: NA
  • Official Website: NA
  • Snapchat Profile: NA

Personal Facts and Figures

  • Birthday/Birth Date: March 7, 1992
  • Place of Birth: Mexico
  • Wife/GirlFriend: NA
  • Children: NA
  • Age: 30 Years old
  • Official TikTok: NA
  • Occupation: YouTuber
  • Height: 5′ 11″

Business Facts

  • Salary of Sauceddie: NA
  • Net worth: NA
  • Education: Yes
  • Total TikTok Fans/Followers: Not Known
  • Facebook Fans: Not Known
  • Twitter Followers: Not Known
  • Total Instagram Followers: 5 million followers
  • Total YouTube Followers: 2.11M subscribers


Sauceddie Phone Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website
House address (residence address)Mexico
Office AddressNA
Office NumberNA
Official WebsiteNA
Personal No.NA
Phone NumberNA
Snapchat IdNA
TikTok IdNA
Whatsapp No.NA

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Some Important Facts About Sauceddie:-

  1. Sauceddie was born on March 7, 1992.
  2. His Age is 30 years old.
  3. His birth sign is Pisces.

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