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Sophia and Isabella had the mindset that she was the only one of her kind throughout her whole existence. She felt like the “ugly duckling” of her family since she was lesbian and had to grow up in a community saturated with churches. Because of this, she decided to participate in The Circle under the guise of her sister Isabella. Fortuitously, despite having a new appearance, Sophia was still easily recognizable and triggered people’s catfish radars throughout the whole season. Thankfully, the strong relationships that she had with the other members of her “Band” propelled her to the finals, where she eventually came in third place.

As a devotee of The Circle and reality television in general, Sophia jumped right in, armed with the intention of betraying her fellow contestants. To her dismay, the reciprocal flirting they engaged in quickly led to the formation of a strong connection between the two of them. However, she also developed connections on a more personal level, one of which was with “Ashley,” better known as Matthew Paradis. The two became close because of their shared participation in the LGBTQ+ community. Nick was the one who convinced them both to join forces, which proved to be an extremely important factor in all of their victories during the game.

After sitting in the influencer’s chair once (when it was decided to get rid of Calvin King Crooks), Sophia’s ratings plummeted to an all-time low and have remained there ever since. As the game progressed, members on the other team became wary of her because they thought the information she provided was too good to be true. The fact that Sophia flirted with Nick resulted in his using his power as an influencer to keep her secure until the end of the show is a stroke of good luck. She went into the conclusion wracked with remorse about the secret she had revealed to Nick, but she was also unexpectedly at peace with whatever the outcome of the story would be.

Reality television makes up the vast majority of what I watch on television, and I tend to watch a lot of it. When it comes to playing games, I approach them with a strategic perspective. And throughout my whole life, I have just loved other people. Because I’m the baby of the family, I’ve always been more of a listener than a talker. I’m the kind of person who will simply sit and take in what others have to say and how they respond. As I was watching the first season of The Circle, whenever any of the characters did anything, I found myself thinking, “God, they should have done this.”

They ought to have carried out the action. They should have spoken with this person or this object instead. I clearly recall thinking to myself when I was sitting there that “I could win this entire thing.” Therefore, the decision was made for me as soon as I discovered that auditions were being held. There was no question in my mind that I was considering all of my siblings. My brother Cody is also a member of the bisexual community. I thought to myself, “Maybe I could try going in as him so I can play that ‘best of both worlds’ thing.” My brother, on the other hand, is quite similar to Matt in the sense that, despite his bisexuality, he has the demeanor of a macho guy. Consequently, I did not have the courage to play the part of the guy.

And then I have another sister named Kaylee who is also a knockout and is just stunningly gorgeous. And when I didn’t choose her, she let me know how angry she was about it. I really said those same words to her: “Kaylee, you are so gorgeous. You have the appearance of a catfish. You are the kind of attractive person who would be eliminated from the competition first. People tend to judge a book by its cover, and that’s exactly what occurred with Ava. My sister Isabella is likewise stunning, but in a different way because of the way she styles her hair and clothes. Pictures of her were shown in a manner that was rather less prominent than in those of Kaylee, in particular.


So, Isabella, what do you think her response was when she saw you playing on a reality programme while utilising her picture? It is rather amusing. When I approached her for permission, she claimed that she was unfamiliar with the programme. I was a huge supporter of them. I had seen all of the seasons, even the ones that aired in the United Kingdom. She was completely clueless. So I questioned her about the beginning, and her response was something along the lines of “Okay, fine, yes, whatever.” And now that she is watching, she is just freaking out and saying things like “Oh my God.” It’s only natural that she thinks of herself as a celebrity, given her status. Seeing her response has been incredibly adorable to see. The fact that we have been able to participate in this endeavours together has brought both of us a great deal of joy.

Absolutely. To tell you the truth, there came a moment in the game at which I completely and utterly stopped even considering the money. I remember sitting down at that last supper and thinking to myself, “Oh my gosh, there’s a chance that I may win money,” because up until that point, I had completely disregarded the possibility of winning any cash prize. This game has progressed to the point where it is quite challenging and insane, and you are interacting with a large number of fascinating individuals. I believe that the fact that we all have a link is another unique aspect of this particular time of year. I wouldn’t say that I lost concentration on the actual prize itself, but I most certainly did lose focus on the money that was awarded.

When it came time for the grand finale, I distinctly recall having the sensation during the dinner that no matter what happened, I had already triumphed. Because of this experience, I already have the upper hand. Along the process, I picked up a lot of useful information about myself. I couldn’t believe I came in third. When I reached to this point, I thought to myself, “I can’t believe I made it this far.” In all honesty, all I did was go from playing strategically to playing from the heart.

Therefore, Ashley was undoubtedly in first place. You can see that in the very first set of episodes with us discussing about our sexuality and our relationship to one other. Before we realized who was hiding behind the profile of the other, we had a lot of things in common. If Ashley or Matthew had ended up with the money at the end of the day, it would have made me really pleased. James came in at number two. He is an incredible member of society. Despite the fact that we never had the chance to discuss anything in particular, I commented in every group chat that he participated in, “What a (expletive) badass.” To me, it seems like someone who has such a wonderful sense of humor simply says a lot about themselves. Therefore, placing him in second place made perfect sense.

Without Nick, it is obvious that I would not have been able to participate in this game. There is no doubt in my mind that I could have progressed as far as I have. But there is no question that he helped me out a great deal. He has been there for me from the very beginning. And because of this, I was forced to maintain him at the third spot. And in fourth place, as a natural consequence, we find Kai. I really wish I could have had more time to converse with Kai. Aside from the context of this game, she is one of my all-time favourite persons. Consequently, my vote evolved from being strategic throughout the whole of the season to being more personal towards the finish.

You started the game with the intention of playing dirty, as you indicated. By the time the season is out, that melody has been altered. How shocking was it for you when you suddenly found yourself in a different situation? It was without a doubt a difficult ordeal. As I said before, you’re participating in a game, therefore it’s important to have your sights set on the winnings. However, someone eventually opens up and shares a tale that breaks your heart. And it’s like, “I understand you; I’m with you,” or anything of that effect. It’s such a bummer that I can’t just come out and say, “Ashley, I’m a lesbian!” I will be there beside you.

” It is so incredible to meet folks who come from such a wide variety of various backgrounds. However, it is really challenging to find a manner to approach it that would allow me to be as sincere as I wanted it to be. I’m grateful that I was acting out the role of my elder sister when I said things like, “I do have a younger sister who is homosexual and has gone through this.” Because then I didn’t have to lie about it. It was really challenging, but at the same time, it was a momentous occasion in its own right.

You probably found flirting with Nick to be one of the most challenging aspects of catfishing to carry out. I want you to be serious with me here, so talk to me about how your dynamic has changed during the season. Nick and I had our very first conversation the very first night when he snuck into my direct messages (DMs), and I was like, “Oh hi, are you up?” It was really difficult for me because I realized there are so many sentiments and emotions that I had suppressed while I was in the closet that I hadn’t dealt with, and I hadn’t dealt with them yet.

The act of forcing myself to converse with him transported me back to when I was 17 years old and dating males because I was clueless about the fact that I was homosexual. I had to put myself through the uncomfortable experience of pushing myself to flirt with a guy, even if it didn’t seem natural. Even at that point, there was a part of me that was like, “I’m straight. No, I’m not gay. I’m not gay,” I said, and I shook both of my hands. I said to Sophia, “Look, we’re just playing a game here. You are doing this for the sake of your loved ones. You’re doing this for your university, right?”

I had to force myself to come to my senses. But on the other hand, it was a very great thing because it made me realize that I had unresolved emotions inside me that I didn’t even know I had. Because of those feelings, navigating the situation was such a challenge. And boy, was that a painful experience. How difficult was it to live with the growing guilt that he would soon figure out that you were not Isabella?

It caused me a great deal of anxiety. When I realized that the very worst-case scenario was going to happen, I felt sick to my stomach. During the course of the game, there came a moment when I thought to myself, “I believe I’ve gone too far.” Given how serious the game was becoming and how realistic I was making it, I believe that I should have probably put a halt to the development of those aspects. mostly due to the fact that you do not know who is hiding behind the other side. It’s possible that he was overjoyed at the prospect of seeing me and confessing his love.


It is true that anything like that may occur, and there are some individuals who are like that. Therefore, the fact that Nick was there and unfazed by the situation was the greatest source of comfort. It was quite stressful, therefore I want to express my gratitude for your help. I get the feeling that there were moments when I maybe did step over one or more of the lines. It was a horrible experience for me to meet him and then have him humiliated.

Kai served as one of your primary “rivals” for the whole of the game. In spite of the fact that you originally admired her, you pursued her all the way up to the very end, when you acknowledged that since you hadn’t spoken, you had developed an unfavorable impression of her. I’m curious as to why you had that impression. Kai and I didn’t really engage in a lot of conversation with one another. When I initially started playing the game and saw her profile, I recall thinking to myself, “We would get along very well together.” Because of this, I decided to ask her to the throwback party. We were unable to communicate with one another due to the unfortunate course of events that the game took.

When you’re trapped within The Circle with nothing but your own thoughts to occupy your mind, you may start to experience paranoia. Even though I observed that Kai was doing well, we are still not speaking with one another. Therefore, I was wondering why I was at the rear of the pack while she was in that front runner position. What exactly is she ruminating on? Is it her preference that she not have me in this situation with her?

There was no feeling of connection between us. Because of this, I eventually reached the point where I said to myself, “Okay, as long as she’s in here, I don’t have a chance of winning.” And that was the extent of it. Kai was playing really well despite her dominance. People really adore Kai for Kai. But I reasoned to myself, “If she’s still playing this game, and for as long as she’s still playing, there’s no way that I can go ahead of her.”

I am not really sure what prompted you to reach out to her and apologies for the fact that you did not connect before. My thoughts at the time were something along the lines of, “God, I shouldn’t have done that.” The following day, I remember having a conversation with Nick, and he said something to the effect of, “Oh, Kai wants to have a word with me,” and I remember thinking to myself, “Are you kidding me?! This is a perfect illustration of what I anticipated would take place.

Nevertheless, there is not a single thing about it that I would alter for the better. I love Kai, and I’m ecstatic that the two of us were able to advance to the final five. As soon as I laid eyes on her, I could tell that she is a remarkable and exceptional human being. I thought to myself, “There is no one else I would rather be here with than you.” Was there any element of strategy involved in making contact with her, or was it just personal?

Oh, there was absolutely no thought put into it at all. At this time, I was aware that we were getting closer and closer to the last day. It’s too late to change anything; there’s no way you can merely reorganize things and then get any work done. And as the game progresses, you will notice that there is a lot more downtime between rounds since there are fewer people playing, which results in less communication.

As I made my way through them, I saw that my father had written me a letter for each day that I had spent at that place. The gist of what he stated was included in one of the letters, which said, “Sophia, you’ve made it here. Congratulations, you’ve made it this far. I just wanted to let you know that your kindness and authenticity are the sole reasons you’ve been successful up to this point. Because throughout your whole life, you’ve been so successful because to your heart.”

And I just lost it. I just began bawling. And at that moment I was thinking, “Oh my God, he’s right. I’m not being greedy. I’ve gotten up to this point. But I could be doing better if I had stayed true to my instincts the whole time and hadn’t gotten so wrapped up in the plan.

While I was reading that, it dawned on me that I needed to get in touch with Kai. It makes no difference to me whether or not it was broadcast, and I don’t care whether anybody else is aware of it. I knew I had to talk to her in order to get everything off my chest, to let her know how much this game had an impact on me, and to explain why I felt the way I did. At that stage in the game, it had absolutely no bearing on the outcome.

After having a brief stint as an influential figure, you have routinely ended at the very bottom of the ratings, and James in particular has been very vocal about pointing the finger of blame at you as a catfish. What kind of response did you have to that? It’s really stressful to say the least. Despite this, my partnership was one of the most successful in the history of the Circle.

And I was aware that for as long as these other players were in the competition, I would be safe. When other individuals brought up the catfish situation, it gave me the willies. It is a terrifying and horrific experience. However, I still had Ashley, and I still had Nick. And at that moment, I thought to myself, “There is no way that these folks are going to let me go down without a fight.” So I felt secure. Not terribly secure, but I felt comfortable. because I was certain that my partnership would remain strong regardless of the circumstances.

After he has blocked, Daniel pays you a visit and provides you with a wealth of information. In what ways have you used that information as ammo going forward? Therefore, when Daniel informed me about his partnership, it unmistakably opened my eyes to the fact that “Oh, there are for certainly divided sides,” as I put it. Daniel was sent packing despite the overwhelming support that Kai and James showed for him. Therefore, it provided me with a feeling of confidence that there were some holes in the system, which led me to believe that maybe they would not be as severe towards us.

And Daniel really encouraged me to humiliate Nick. He said, “If you want to be at the top, Nick ought to be at the bottom.” And since my focus was entirely on the partnership the whole time, that particular aspect was never even a passing thought for me. That is something I could never accomplish.


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Sophia and Isabella,

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  • Sophia and Isabella Phone Number: Private
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Email AddressNA
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