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After my 11-year-old son told me what he thought of Horrible Histories, I talked to the man who came up with them first. “They’re great,” he said. I wanted to know why, because there isn’t much in my 11-year-world old’s that deserves this kind of praise. People learn and have fun at the same time, he said. “That’s a great idea.”

The boy is clear that he is not alone. More than 25 million copies of Terry Deary’s “guts-and-gore history with the nasty bits left in” have been sold in 40 countries since he wrote Terrible Tudors in 1993. The fourth series of a hugely popular BBC children’s TV show ended last month, but the fifth is already in the works. Barmy Britain, a stage show based on the show, is now playing to full and excited audiences in the West End. Deary, I think, has found something that kids like.

“It’s the change,” he says. “That’s what draws me in. It’s not funny when a little old lady falls over. if a pompous priest, a policeman, or someone else who has power falls flat on their back, that’s funny. You know what? These aren’t history books. They are stories about people who were in trouble in the past. With a few jokes.”

There are a lot of jokes and weird facts in Horrible Histories, like that William the Conqueror had his stomach explode at his funeral. Egyptian Pharaohs had official bottom wipes, and Miss Farting Clack was a real name in the Victorian era, as well. Anti-establishment principles are what hold each and every one of them together, from the Great Egyptians to the Violent Vikings.

He says, “I don’t want to write history.” “People who study history don’t want to be like me. I want to make the world better. Attack the best. Overturn the order of things. People who have power are always the bad guys in my stories. This is true for all of them. In this storey, the main characters are the little people, not the big ones. I don’t like the government. There has always been and always will be.”

Deary’s books aren’t the only place where this kind of thing happens. During Tony Blair’s speech, he asked him to come to No. 10. He didn’t even bother to answer. “Guy Fawkes was the only politician who ever went to parliament with good intentions,” he likes to say. When the Queen invited him to meet her, he turned it down. The BBC’s coverage of the diamond jubilee also included a live Horrible Histories sketch from Tower Bridge. The Olympic torch passed through Barnard Castle, which is near Deary’s home in County Durham. His “inspiring” writing and charity runs were the reason he was nominated. “Because that’s what society should be all about: huge crowds of people cheering each other on, out on the streets.

There must be a reason for this. Deary, who is 66, says he was raised in a family “Sunderland is a good place to live, but my dad’s butcher shop was in a bad part of town. I learned about poverty as a child. I now have a more realistic view of life.” But, he adds, ” “Because I wanted to get good grades at school, I was beaten, bullied, and abused there, too. A: It didn’t teach me anything. I had to leave. So I started questioning authority at school, and I’ve kind of kept it up ever since, I guess.”

Terry Deary Phone Number

Because he still doesn’t trust schools, he’s not happy that Horrible Histories have been used in some schools as textbooks (he doesn’t like that) “If they’re part of the class, kids will not like them. In that case, how can I be a subversive person then? “Is this what you meant?

Most of the time, he thinks, schools are good “government tells them what to teach. It’s also true that people in the government are complete jerks. What do they know? I think that school is a waste of 12 years of your life. It should be a way to get ready for life. It should teach you the skills you’ll need, help you find what you’re good at, and help you improve it. When you go to school, you don’t learn about trigonometry or chemistry or French or anything else. No, I haven’t used it. I was good at writing. Nobody ever told me: You should do something with this.”

During a successful tour, Deary was about 30 and was packing away the sets and costumes. He wished that something could be kept of the show. “”The Custard Kid,” he says. “It was about a cowboy who was afraid.” My book was written and sent to about 23 publishers, but they all said thanks, but no thanks. The 24th agreed.”

Deary had written about 50 or so children’s books before his publisher came up with the idea for Horrible Histories and gave it to him. They asked for a “history joke book,” and when he said he didn’t know anything about history, he said he’d give them the facts to go with the jokes. But, he says, the facts were really interesting. There was a “fact book with jokes.”

As for the publisher and Deary’s bank account, that part of the storey has already been written. During the next 15 years or so, he was given a lot of facts, stories, and anecdotes by a small group of people. A “big picture” narrative for the time helped him pick out the best stories. He also included “the most shocking facts.”

To see the Barmy British Empire, he says: “I thought it was one of the worst things that had ever happened to the world.” British people came to the island of Tasmania about 30 years ago and there were about 10,000 people there. In order to show that, like: “No one was left.”

People who watch Horrible Histories often have a very important point that they don’t know about because of all the goo and blood. Is this any different from the last chapter? Co-written by Deary, Barmy Britain is a musical stage show that makes fun of fast food restaurants, bankers, and internet dating at the end of the show. Probably, people in the future will think we’re just as crazy as our ancestors were, too. Some adults don’t like how he does things. In order to get rebel ideas into the heads of people who aren’t aware of them, I use humour. She is a Jewish mother, and her rabbi told her that her kids should not learn about the Holocaust until they were 13. My 6-year-old saw it in Horrible Histories. Because I think that isn’t right. What should I do? I’m sorry, but I don’t know

Because children love it (except for his own daughter, who he says “never liked reading and never read any of my books.”). He says it didn’t hurt her. Many parents say their kids had never read a book before, but now they can’t get enough of them. There has been a TV show that everyone has loved since 2009. It was made for CBBC but has now moved to BBC1 because it was so well-liked!

For a long time, Deary has let someone else take charge of this. He says he’s more than happy to let someone else do it. Stage show: With a little help from the Birmingham Stage Company, this show has a lot of high-energy TV-based sketches and songs, like Roman cuisine as an episode of MasterChef, the Viking invasion as an episode of Relocation, and Field Marshal Dougal Haig being fired from The Apprentice because he didn’t win the “Battle of the Somme” task on The Apprentice. It’s on Deary’s “to-do” list to write new children’s book series, a book for adults about football, and a book about history for adults. People say he’s lying. Things I’m told to write.

He likes books that both teach you and make you laugh. He says: What does he say? It would be a good thing to tell your son. “I don’t want to write history.” People who study history don’t like me. The world should be better. Attack the best first. Overturn the way things work. It’s always the bad guys who have the power in my stories. This is true for everyone. There are a lot of small people in this storey. I don’t like how the government works. There has been and always will be.

Not only do these kinds of things happen in Deary’s books. They happen all over the place. Tony Blair asked him to come to No. 10. He didn’t even bother to say anything. This is what he likes to say: “Guy Fawkes was the only politician who ever went into parliament with good intentions.” When the Queen asked him to meet her, he said no. The BBC also aired a live Horrible Histories sketch from Tower Bridge during its coverage of the diamond jubilee. It passed through Barnard Castle, which is near Deary’s house in County Durham. The reason he was nominated was because of his “inspiring” writing and running for charity runs. I think society should be about big groups of people cheering each other on as they go about their daily lives. I thought it was a good idea. Even though, of course, he doesn’t like the word “inspiring,” he still likes it.

The first thing I say when people ask me what “inspires” me to write is, “I don’t know.”Inspired”: People write to me and say that I have inspired them to go to college to study history. My friend got one this week from an Australian girl who said history at school is very turgid and boring. Do not blame me, please.

Why would someone do this? There were a lot of kids in Deary’s family, who are all now over 60. He says he was raised by them. It’s good to live in Sunderland, but my dad’s butcher shop was in a bad part of town. The first time I learned about poverty was when I was a child.  It was because I wanted to get good grades at school that I had to be bullied and beat up there as well. A: I didn’t learn anything. Had to leave: I had to. During school, I started questioning authority, and it has been a part of my life ever since, I guess.”

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Terry Deary, Sunderland, United Kingdom

Fanmail Address / Autograph Request Address: NA

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  • Terry Deary Phone Number: Private
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  • TikTok Account: NA
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  • Birthday/Birth Date: 3 January 1946 (age 75 years), Sunderland, United Kingdom
  • Place of Birth: Sunderland, United Kingdom
  • Wife/GirlFriend: NA
  • Children: 1
  • Age: 75 Years old
  • Official TikTok: NA
  • Occupation: author
  • Height: NA

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  • Salary of Terry Deary: NA
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  • Education: Yes
  • Total TikTok Fans/Followers: Not Known
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  • Twitter Followers: 38
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House address (residence address)Sunderland, United Kingdom
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  1. Terry Deary was born on 3 January 1946.
  2. His Age is 75 years old.
  3. Birth Sign is Pisces.

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